• Osteochondrosis of the spine: a symptom of lesions of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar, diagnosis, treatment (drugs, surgery, physiotherapy, physical therapy), prevention.
  • Why do I have back pain in the area below the shoulder blades: causes, diseases causing pain in the area above the waist. Diagnosis, treatment
  • What a night of pain in the back, sharp and pulling in nature. Medical and non-medical causes of night tormenting pain in the back.
  • Usually back pain lying down quiet down or completely stops, so many patients accept such symptomatic manifestations for the usual fatigue after intense exercise.
  • Why can be a pain in the back right? Everyone has sometimes a bad back. In most cases this symptom is not cause for serious concern.
  • How to treat pain in the coccyx. Symptoms and reasons.
  • Back in children and adolescents hurts for different reasons. Usually this happens due to a long place on the table, scoliosis. also, the pain may be the result of kidney disease. Treatment depends on the cause of the pathology. Prevention of pain with the use of prevention.
  • Why do women have a really sore lower back. The reasons for back pain in women. Feel when in the lower part of the pain is not pleasant. Due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the body, very often the pain of this nature occur in members of the fairer sex.
  • Pain in the right hypochondrium radiating to the back: a list of possible causes, classification of pain, methods of diagnosis, methods of treatment for any reason. Conclusion and recommendations.
  • Why is there pain in the upper quadrant of the back or the front. What was the reason for the pain in the region of the ribs on both sides of the front and back.
  • Why back pain after the birth? Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the disease
  • Back pain and headache occur in people for various reasons. However, the majority of them do not include direct disease of these parts of the body. Then why do they occur?
  • That could mean lower back pain? in connection with what causes such pain? Professionals who will help in the treatment of pain in the back. What if it hurts right above the waist?
  • Pain in the back happens in each in the different periods of life. If you have time to visit a doctor, be diagnosed and begin treatment, the disease will not have time to progress.
  • The appearance of pain in the back, pointing to a variety of diseases and disorders. It is not always possible to determine the nature of the symptoms. How do you know that kidney hurts?
  • In clinical practice, very often there are situations when the back pain radiates to the chest. This is because in the back, namely in the spine, the nerves that transmit impulses throughout the body.
  • Why pain in the back? What to do? Sharp and shooting, dull and prolonged, the sudden and short-term lower back pain is always uncomfortable.
  • Hello, dear readers! Who of us is familiar with back pain? Such discomfort at least once experienced any.
  • Reasons for pain in the back (why the back hurts) and how to get rid of the pain: medication, chiropractic, and other methods of anesthesia.
  • Why is there pain in the middle of the back? This article contains the main causes of pain, methods for the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies
  • Pain in the back can be everywhere. Back pain under ribs is difficult to diagnose pain.
  • How serious is back pain right side? What to do if concerned about pain in the back above the waist, right? How to identify the cause and get rid of the pain?
  • The pain in my side never been the bearers of good weather or an unexpected luck. Basically they say that the person suffers some kind of disease, often without knowing. The reasons may be different, but whatever it was, you should always consult a specialist.
  • Sore sides from both sides from the back: what does the manifestation of this symptom? its causes, diagnosis and treatment, to find out in our article.
  • The most frequent reasons for back pain on the lower left and that should be done.
  • Understand, therefore, what can cause pain in the right side and radiates towards the back. Considering the possible causes and nature of pain in them.
  • Back pain - a common symptom. Most of the people at least once in a lifetime meeting with him. This is one of the most common reasons for visits to the doctor and skip work.
  • If you want to find out more, which could mean back pain above the waist on the sides, and to consider effective treatment methods you can read this article.
  • Abdominal pain in the lower part at the same time arise from the fact that in the abdomen has many vital organs, and back, as to reflect on the pain for yourself. Causes include: diseases of the urinary system and kidneys.
  • If someone does not know, what kind of doctor treats back, or in a local clinic has a profile Cabinet, you can first contact of the therapist.
  • Excruciating pain in the lower back, left or right may appear to all. The lumbar pain may indicate the development of serious disease which requires immediate treatment. The reason for the back pain discussed in this article.
  • Neuroscientists warn that when the pain in back and neck pain, it is important to begin treatment in time. These feelings can be symptoms of serious diseases. However, with the right to access their health to prevent the development of the future of the pain more than possible.
  • For the time of the dream, the man returns to physical and psychic strength.
  • The pain below the waist back to the left or to the right in the lower part of his back are some of the most common symptoms, known in medical practice. Why it happens in the lower back and radiates with buttock and on both sides? This question will be answered by the article.
  • Back pain the most common health problems, which, in one way or another, have to face with almost everyone.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen and in the lower part of the back is a very unpleasant thing that cause diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Back pain – a phenomenon quite common, but most often you have to deal with the pain in the back, rarely in the cervical spine.
  • The most sedentary and often ailing part of the body is the back. If we talk about the training of the muscles of the back, here need special exercises.
  • Often on the street you can see someone limping while wincing at every step, apparently in pain. The most common reason for this is the fact that he had pain in the lower back and radiates with the foot.
  • Often people come for consultation to the doctor with pains that appear in the right side of the back. The symptom of this is uncertain, because it is observed and in a number of serious disorders, pathological.
  • Attacks of pain without the exact location is always frightening. Especially if you are poured into the left side of the body, covers the arm, or even leg.
  • If the pain in the back after sleeping, the first step is to conduct a review of your bed and to bring it into line with the norms of sanitary and hygienic safety.
  • Pain on the left side, above the waist and the upper quadrant does not happen just like that. She always makes it clear that the failure happens in the body. Every part of the body is responsible for a certain organ, so when the pain left on any part of the body, pay attention to the type of cramps.
  • Back pain is often associated with serious diseases of the spinal. Why is the pain in the back below the shoulder blades? This question will help to answer on this article.
  • The lower part of the coat of arms of the English-language sources call the pain in the lower back (low back pain). The pain often contributes to the tension in the lumbar spine, limitation of motion, and antalgic scoliosis.
  • The appearance of pain in the back may indicate the presence of various diseases. Pain, basically to cause authorities located closer to the back or it can be inflammation. In the combined treatment and medicines, and folk healing.
  • When the pain in the back, it is very difficult to do something effectively. But, for every pain you can find "pain" – not the Almighty...
  • What to do if back pain during pregnancy. The reasons for back pain during pregnancy
  • Back pain, tension and stiffness in the lower back are the most common problems sooner or later faces most people.
  • Unfortunately, the pain often breaks into our daily lives. I wonder what the reason for the pain in the back and stomach, what to do to alleviate the condition? Answers to these questions in this article.
  • If you have pain in the right side of the back, pay attention to the symptoms and take care of its elimination. To determine the cause of the pain can be only approximate, for accurate diagnosis need medical assistance.
  • Almost every second man over the age of 16-18 years old periodically complains that her back hurts.
  • Back pain what to do – this question periodically faces each of us. Here you will learn the basic reasons for back pain, and what exercises for back pain can be done at home
  • Pain in the back can be everywhere. Pain in back under the ribs is the most difficult in the diagnosis of pain
  • Pain in the back, of course, there are men and women. In women, the reasons for the pain, maybe even more, and they are sometimes not allowed to live a normal and full life.
  • There are people who have not felt pain in the back muscles. It can reach everyone.
  • When you have pain in the back, near the shoulder blades should not be smeared different ointments, to stay at home and wait for a miracle of healing. Sometimes requires prompt diagnosis and treatment from a doctor. What are the reasons for pain in the back?
  • We all know that bad moment when the pains in the lower part of the back. This symptom is often the reason for the treatment the doctors. Usually patients "sin" on the back of the patient, or rather, of the various diseases of the spine.
  • Pain in left side back side negatively affects the quality of human life, so when you appear you need to carry out timely treatment.
  • This kind of pain are mixed not only to live, but even to walk. How is it that the pain arising in the back part, can penetrate the foot and cause lameness?
  • The human body is a complex organization. The disease of one organ can lead to pain in the other.
  • Reasons for pain in the lower back, related diseases and symptoms. Principles of diagnosis, therapeutic measures.
  • What to do if a sore lower back, back, left
  • What to do when the back pain?Almost all the experience with pain in the back. Extremely rare are those who never come across with this problem.
  • Disability often occurs because of low back pain.
  • To understand what is causing the pain, how it happens and what to do, it's not that hard.
  • I wonder why I hurt in knives, you need to pay attention to the factors that cause these unpleasant sensations.
  • Severe pain in back and stomach can cause severe anxiety as unknown true cause of the discomfort.
  • What to do if back hurts. The causes of back pain are: inflammatory, myofascial, and other. Rare diseases and physiological pain.
  • The appearance of the pain signal of the body for the failure
  • How to treat pain in the back of the right, as it is of treatment, which are the consequences, symptoms and causes, what to do, how to treat folk remedies at home.
  • If how to treat painful side of the back, as it is of treatment, which are the consequences, symptoms and causes, what to do, how to treat folk remedies at home.
  • Pain in lower back – what to do? Why can pain on the lower back?
  • Pain in the lower back is a common symptoms in the modern world. Almost all encountered with him. -
  • Pain in lower back – what to do? Why can pain on the lower back?
  • Pain in the lumbar region can be different: sudden back pain (backache or lumbago), inconsiderate pain – lumbalgia (when they say that the lower back is pulling or pain).
  • Back pain: causes, treatment of low back pain in the lumbar region
  • Back pain occurring sufficiently often and occur under different circumstances
  • If the pain in the hypochondrium is crazy and does not live in peace?
  • Basic principles of treatment, the Correct approach to treatment, Pharmacological treatment, Physiotherapy, Prescriptions of folk healers
  • Pain in left side under ribs – to understand the reasons
  • Types of pain in left side of back, causes, Treatment
  • Exercises for correct posture
  • the treatment of spine and back pain low back pain scoliosis
  • When the pain in the neck, what to do and how to treat at home with the help of special exercises and when you need to go to the hospital
  • Many people suffer from pain in the back. Such diseases are quite common. The pain can wear and of acute and chronic.
  • The correct posture in children is the key to good health. Therefore, it is very important to a child to pay attention to your posture formation.
  • Disease valgus foot in children: treatment and prevention of the disease
  • Pain in the back muscles (along the spine): causes and treatment
  • Pains in the hips and lower back pain: radiates to the back part, above and below the level of the shoulder blades aches and pains in the center of the spine side with two sides closer to the waist
  • Exercises for proper posture at home
  • Back pain: the most common reasons for